Doctoral training, Solid Earth

Lyon, Grenoble, visio : 19-23 octobre 2020

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2020 - Registration

Friday 9 October 2020, by Nataf Henri-Claude

The school will be accessible remotely both on an interactive live broadcast platform and on a passive live broadcast platform.
Interactive live broadcast is upon registration. Passive live broadcast will be accessible and open to the public.

Registration for interactive live participation is open until october 10th, 2020.
Just send an email to Laurent Husson (laurent.husson"at"
Interactive live broadcast (likely on Zoom, more details to come) is free but is upon registration at all times. Simply send an email to the organizers.
Passive live broadcast will be free and available on Youtube

The selection will be based on the research project for PhD students and post-docs and the origin of the master students.