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2017 - Plate tectonics and mantle convection

Thursday 20 July 2017, by Philippe CARDIN

lectures by Saskia Goes, Laurent Husson.

(1) Dynamics and diversity of subduction.
Subducting plates are probably the main driving force of mantle convection. Over the past 10-20 years we have gained much insight into the different forces that affect subduction and its diverse expressions at the surface (from mountain building to new basin formation). This lecture will discuss what has been learned from subduction modelling about the influence of slab and overriding plate properties and how models compare with observed subduction behaviour.

(2) Subduction-transition zone interaction: sink or stall.
When subducting slabs reach the transition zone, some appear to stagnate there while others sink directly into the deep mantle. People have long puzzled over what governs this behaviour, e.g., phase transitions, viscosity variations, or slab properties, and whether this means that in the past mixing between upper and lower mantle was less efficient. This lecture will give an overview of observations of slab-transition zone interaction and how models can constrain the dynamics and predict past behaviour.

seminar by Peter Olson: "From crust to core: whole-Earth perspectives on geodynamics"
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