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2017 - Scientific Program

Friday 26 May 2017, by Philippe CARDIN

4th session- 2017 (16-27/10/17): Lithosphere - Asthenosphere
This session is directed by Laurent Husson(ISTerre-UGA) and Thomas Bodin (LGLTPE, Lyon).

- [Seismic imaging of upper mantle and plates] Thomas Bodin, Yann Capdeville, Stéphanie Durand
- [Mineralogy-petrophysics: deformation process and compositional evolution of the lithosphere and asthenosphere] Bruno Reynard, Nathalie Bolfan
- Plate tectonics and mantle convection by Saskia Goes, Laurent Husson, Peter Olson
- Geochemistry of the lithosphere and upper mantle by Catherine Chauvel, Bruno Dhuime and Émilie Bruand

Four lecture series ( 10 hours each) are proposed, with seminars by guest speakers.
An excursion to the Grand Paradis lead by Laurent Jolivet
All lectures and seminars will be given in English.

A first tentative of timetable :