Doctoral training, Solid Earth

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Tuesday 22 September 2015

- Lectures : Laurie Reisberg (Nancy)

  • Geochi1 (1.5 hours): Introduction and geochemical toolbox (major and trace elements, isotopes)
  • Geochi2 (1 hour): Main reservoirs in the upper earth, with an emphasis on the continental crust
  • Geochi3(1.5 hours): MORB magmatism (source, global major and trace element and isotopic variations, comparison with OIB)
  • Geochi4(1 hour): Intraplate magmatism
  • Geochi5(1.5 hours): Subduction related magmatism;
  • Geochi6(1.5 hours): Geochemistry of the continental lithosphere;

- Seminar by Bruno Dhuime (Bristol, UK)